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Michael Ben-Jacob
27 April 2022

After two decades leading private client teams for several premier US law firms, Attorney Michael Ben-Jacob founded MBJ Law PLLC....

Edward Pudup
26 May 2022

Edward Pudup counsels high net-worth US and international individuals, their families, and closely held businesses on a variety of US-based...

Shoshana Rogovsky
27 May 2022

Shoshana Rogovsky has been practicing in the area of wills, trusts and estates for more than five years and provides...

Yael Chouchana
27 May 2022

Yael regularly advises individuals and families on succession, relocation, and income tax planning. In this respect, she frequently assists clients...

Laura Herrera
27 May 2022

Laura supports the attorneys on a variety of US-based and cross-border estate planning and wealth preservation matters. She also provides...

Salvatore J. Sinatra, Jr.
27 May 2022

With a passion for writing and reading, Salvatore earned his BA in English Writing and Literature studies in 2015. He...

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